Springy Spring (ah-choo!)

It's beginning to look a lot like Spring Time around here!

The red buds are budding (they really should be called purple buds, if you ask me.), the tulips are blooming (well, the sad remnant of the 100 tulips that Chris planted for me.  They made a very tasty snack for our resident Caddyshack gopher.), we're all producing more snot than should be talked about in polite company...  Sorry, Gentle Reader.

And, you really know it's spring because Max is outside in froggy rain boots and no pants, and Lucas is wearing his Buzz Lightyear pajamas.

What?  That isn't telling of the season?

No, not really.  Just telling of a Tuesday at our house.

What must the neighbors think?

Why isn't that kid ever wearing pants?

Why is that other kid ALWAYS in his pajamas?

Is that a monkey towel on that kid's head?

She should really try wearing something other than yoga pants sometime...  yikes.

Try some lip gloss, lady!

Ah geeeze, Mom...

Have a great weekend friends!


annie said...

LOVE those fat lil fingers and toes:)))))

April Irvin said...

Reall clothes, shmear clothes for people with more than 2 kiddos this is high fashion. Looks like a perfect day to me.

xo katrina said...

such cute pictures! and totally cracked me up. i have one always in pajamas, one that never wears pants, and one that never wants to wear a shirt!!!! love it!!

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