Every Day is Pajama Day

So, if you've spent much time looking at my blog (hi Mom!)...

You may have asked yourself...

Why is that Lucas kid ALWAYS in pajamas?

I have a perfectly reasonable explanation.

It is simply because...

That Lucas kid is always in pajamas.


If we are at home, he is NOT wearing clothes.

That would just be silly.

(stop looking at my laundry.  don't judge me.)

As soon as he gets home from school.  Immediately changes into jammies.

As soon as we get home from church, the store, from anywhere...

Changes into jammies.

And just to ensure that I don't take away his beloved jammies and, God forbid, WASH them,

He hides them.

He hides dirty pajamas so that he can go and put them back on the moment he returns from whatever wretched, cursed destination he is forced to go to and leave his cozy home.

Just leave me be, Woman!

It's how he rolls.

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