Family Wall

Ahhh, yes.  The family photo wall.

Every Grandparent's hallway has one.

Do you have one?

I have...  ummm...  several.

But this is the newest installment.

It makes me smile.

I got the idea last summer when I was at Ashley's house for a SnapShop photo thing-a-mi-jig workshop.  That would be the very technical name for the photography workshop that Ashley teaches out of her home where she shows kids like me how to work all the pretty buttons on our cameras.  (She is doing an online course soon, and you should so.  totally.  do it.)

You can see her family photos here.

I loved, LOVED how fun and sweet they were...  so I decided to do something similar at my house.

Fast forward a full year and one baby later...  sniff sniff...  look how tiny and squalling he was!

I gotch-yer crazy right here...

Watch out, he bites.

Poodle goes right in the middle.  Like Alice on The Brady Bunch.

Silly family = silly family photo wall.  It's how we roll.

I'm linking up with Emily's blog today!  Now, go take a silly photo with your kids!  Go!   Run!  Soon they will be off at college and not call you enough!  Go have ice cream!


Jessa said...

That is so much fun! I want a wall like that!

Brandi said...

super cute photos! I might just have to copy that family wall too!

Perpetual Blind Date said...

I am so very jealous you got to to to snapshots! I live in tulsa and actually go to church with Ashley and still havent managed to go to one!! Love the pictures

Hespyhesp said...

Love these! I think it's even more fun to have shots that make you laugh and smile to yourself rather than the run-of-the-mill posed shots. Of course, those have their place, too.

Kara said...

Love silly photos :) What a great idea!

Wendy said...

What a great wall! Turned out fabulous!

xo katrina said...

looks great! and i love the fun fun pictures. perfectly posed pictures just don't exist in our lives of many many boys, huh? heehee you're inspiring me to update my frames, which still show no evidence of a fourth child joining the family.

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