Amazing Grace

When you really love someone, their joys become your joys.  You feel their sorrows as if they were your own.  You struggle with them.  It somehow makes loved ones even dearer and more precious to you when hard times come their way.

A dear friend of mine, Ann gave birth to a little baby girl very prematurely.  Little Gracie Mae was only 2 pounds when she was born.  We weren't sure we would be able to keep her, or Ann either for that matter.  It was a very scary time.  But a time that showed me the depth of my love for Ann and her family, and the awesome power of God.

Gracie was just a tiny, tiny little thing.  But she was incredibly strong.  She made gains in her health and her weight that were astonishing.

And now, three months later...  she is thriving.  More than thriving.

That girl is chubby.

It brings me joy, joy, joy to be able to say that.

Gracie is chubby.  ahhh...  good words.

I photographed Gracie and Ann last week, and it was so wonderful to see those chubby cheeks.  A joy to hear her squawks of protest whenever Ann laid her down.  A joy to hear her strong cry when she wanted her mother's arms.

I know I keep saying the word, 'joy' over and over again.  But that is the only word that I can use to describe the true blue, down to my soul happiness over every squawk, every cry, every chubby little finger, every hair on her beautiful head.





When she is 2 years old and exercising her strong, spunky, spirit...


When she goes to her first day of school...


When she is a teenager, and drop dead gorgeous, and my boys are all in love with her...


When she graduates from High School...


When I dance at her wedding, I will remember chubby cheeks.  Chubby toes.  Perfect little mouth.  Chubby little legs.  The way her little chin quivers when she cries.



ella@lifeologia said...

what a fantastic happy story and lovely photos. xo

Chera said...

You certainly have a way with words & a gift for photography, both of which brought a tear to my eye.

Mommyof2n10 said...

So I cried...thanks Mariah.......and well my little man will be in love with her too so we'll probably have to fight to be her mother-in-law:)

Annie said...

All I can say is...
Tears as I type.
I am holding her in my arms right now and I rejoice at God's great miracle in our lives.
Thank you for your beautiful words-
And your beautiful pictures-
And most of all for your great love.
I hope we all dance at her wedding and remember her sweet chubby cheeks and the great joy she has brought into our lives:)))

April Irvin said...

The most beautiful post ever! The most beautiful baby ever! The most beautiful mother ever!The most beautiful friend ever! The most beautiful bloggy friend ever!BEAUTIFUL that's all I have.

xo katrina said...

beautiful story, beautiful baby, beautiful mother. and i certainly felt incredible joy in my heart while reading this.

Kortney said...

Awesome pictures Mariah. Beautiful, beautiful miracle baby and momma! Very moving to say the least...

Angel said...

Oh my goodness...I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones getting to me or what..but this is the most beautiful precious thing! It brought tears to my eyes! Ahhhh...how wonderful
God is! :) You are so gifted!

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