Baby Bump

Taking photos of my pregnant self has always been a challenge.  Some girls are so good about the documentation...  And you would would think that I would be all over that.  But it's more like, Oh no!  Quick!  Look, I'm wearing real clothes today.  Take a picture, Honey!  But for round four, the FINAL round...  I decided to not let that happen again.  Well...  It still kind of happened.  I am still no good at documenting the weeks as they go by like so many other girls I see...  But at least I got a couple of decent photos this time.  Fourth time's the charm?

With a little help from the lovely and talented Jessie, of Jessie Leigh Photography there will undisputed proof for posterity that I did indeed carry this child in my belly.

Oh, the chaos...  I love that Jessie was able to capture me and my three sweet boys how we really are... Crazy and loud.  
 I love this one...  Even though I look a little drunk.  I'm not.  Promise.
My sweet Lucas boy...  Gosh, I love him.
Max...  Sweet, sweet Max.
 Oh, Baby Harry.  Live it up, man.  You're only the baby for a few more days.

1 comment:

Gramma said...

:D You look absolutely perfect Mariah!!!! And the pics with you and the boys.......what joy!!
Love and miss you my lovely friend!

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