Ma-wiah. I Need a Snack.

Max got a Batman costume for Christmas.  He loves it.  No, you don't understand.  He LOVES it.  He wouldn't wear anything else for days.  Max has never had any Batman toys before, has never seen a Batman cartoon or movie, has never had any exposure to Batman at all.  Except for a most beloved package of Underoos.  
But somehow, with no prior knowledge of the Batman saga...  He has managed to channel the character perfectly.  He puts on his Batman mask and is suddenly very serious and brooding.  His walk changes.  I wouldn't call it a strut, but a determined, self assured stride.  His voice changes too.  It's deeper.  Gravely.  And he no longer calls me Mommy.  Because, well.  Hello.  I am Max's Mommy.  Not Batman's Mommy.  So he calls me Mariah.  Okay, really, he calls me Ma-wiah.  In a gravely Batman voice.

Ma-wiah, I am hungwy for a snack.

Ma-wiah, will you pweese hewlp me wif my cape?

Ma-wiah, can I watch a show?

He manages to stay in character all day.  Never once slipping up and calling me Mommy.  Never speaking in a normal four year old voice, only gravely Batman voice.

But he's still a Mama's boy at heart.  Even when he's Batman.  He also got a Batman lego set for Christmas.  It came with a little Cat Woman.  He has no idea who Cat Woman is, so he calls her Bat Girl.  And he will not believe me that her name is Cat Woman and that she is a bad guy.  No way.  That's Bat Girl and she is Batman's Mommy.

See?  insert gravely Batman voice here.  This is a toy of Bat Girl.  She's my mommy.  She drives a motorcycle.  My house is really far away from here.  This isn't my house.  I live really far away with my Mommy.  She isn't you.

Understood, Batman.  Understood.  Batman's Mommy is really.  Really.  Cool.

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