The Pillow Fight

I know that as one of the adults that live in this house, I'm supposed to discourage such things as jumping on the beds and having pillow fights.  But come on.  It's not like you just forget how fun jumping on the bed and pillow fights are.  How am I supposed to say no?  It's just so fun...
 When I was a little girl, my Grandma used to let me jump on her bed.  Until I broke it.  Then she just came in, fixed the bed, and told me to be careful.  Let the jumping commence.  sigh...  Good times.
Lucas always disappears when the pillow fighting starts...  Not his bag.  Lucas loves the crazy dancing, the jumping, and pretending that my bed is a pirate ship, but not so much the hitting with pillows.  That kid is Ferdinand the Bull, I tell ya.  He goes and gets his books, comes back and settles down in a comfy chair to watch the action.  So it's just these two crazy animals.  
 I suppose that when they're bigger and can actually start hurting each other, we'll have to put an end to the bed jumping and pillow fighting.  But for now, it's a great way to spend an afternoon.

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