Monday, Monday...

First Monday back to real life after Spring Break.



So much laundry.

But I have this little face to keep me from getting anything done.  encourage me to tidy my nest in productive five minute intervals.

And this one to prove that all of my attempts are fruitless because nothing will stay picked up anyway.  lighten my heart with his independent spirit.

And Max?


He won't even hold still long enough to let me take a photo.

He is drowning in laundry.

He is somewhere peeing in his big boy underwear.

He is getting tree sap on the bottoms of his little feet and in his hair by pretending to be a three toed sloth outside on the big tree branch in the back yard.

He is a joy to be with every day of his little life.

He also incidentally, has been potty training...

And bursts into the bathroom to applaud my accomplishment every time I am on the toilet.

Too much, Gentle Reader?

That's a lot of personal information for a Monday.

Sorry about that visual I just gave you of myself on the toilet.

I especially apologize to my Father-in-law, who is now screaming and washing his eyeballs.

Not a pretty picture.

No matter  what day of the week it is.

Happy Monday.


M&M Mama said...

Good Luck with the potty training...nothing cuter than a little boy running around in big boy 'unnawears'!

Annie said...

I have had a similar Monday.
The family visiting from Cali has all gone home...and the laundry has been a giant MONSTER that I can't kill. Then Gracie has decided that I can never, ever, ever lay her down or it is a personal insult to her.....sigh.
Happy Monday:)

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