My Max

It's Thursday...

That means it's time for Embrace the Camera!

Sneaks up on me every dad-gum week...

What's Embrace the Camera, you ask?

An excuse to show the world what I look like with no make up, no shower, and unbrushed teeth.

You're welcome.

So, this week it's all about me and my Max.

Here are a few things you should know about Max.

  • The kid's got wicked mad ears.  (hmmm...  that might be confusing if you aren't a musician.)  What I mean is, he can hear things musically.  Really well.  Sometimes he sings harmony with me.  The kid isn't even three years old, and he likes for me to sing the melody so he can sing the bass line of the Veggie Tales theme song.  He identified Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from the first 5 notes yesterday.  He matches pitch better than most 5th graders.  (I taught music in my former pre-baby life.)  Annnddd...
  • His current favorite song is The Beatles' Twist and Shout.  Or as he likes to call it, Shake, Shake the Baby Now.  All because of this video.  Which brings me to my next interesting Max fact...
  • He loves.  LOVES his brothers.  Big, big, big time loves.
  • He is really stinkin' cute.
  • Look out, he bites.
  • He is potty training.  Doing pretty well.  And is really proud of me every time I use the restroom too.  "Hooray Mommy!  You did it!"
  • He is really stinkin' cute.
  • Sometimes he's a dog.  Or a cat.  Or a pygmy marmoset.
  • If he ever cries about a tummy ache, don't fall for it.  For some reason, this is a new ploy to try and get a cookie.
  • He's a cuddler.  I love that about him.
  • Sometimes he sleeps with a plastic toy trumpet.
  • He is really stinkin' cute.
  • If he is scowling, chances are he is pretending to be Buzz Lightyear.
  • He has no inside voice.   None at all.  He will make your ears bleed.
  • He chases our dog with a sword.  Poor doggie...
  • Sometimes he rides Lucas like a horse.  It's okay, Lucas doesn't mind.
  • Sometimes he tries to ride Harry like a horse.  It's not okay, Harry minds.
So now you have a little information about Max, just in case you ever run into him in a dark alley.

Have I mentioned how stinkin' cute he is??
  • He's really stinkin' cute.


    April Irvin said...

    I can smell the cuteness from here.

    LDaylily said...

    I agree he's stinkin' cute! I had no idea of his hidden musical talents :)

    keely steger said...

    Stinkin' cute, indeed. And that shot of you together is lovely.

    sarah k said...

    very sweet pictures! As a fellow mom of 3 under five--I hear you! :)

    Danielle Roy said...

    Another mom of 3 under 5. You are both pretty stinkin' cute ;-)


    Jami said...

    Awwww, so cute!

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