Water Day Play Date

Last week we got together at War-wa's (that would be Laura.  Lucas's BFF.  you can see more of Laura and her family here.)  house for a fun play date with a hundred other little kids.  Seriously.  There were a hundred.  Maybe two hundred.  I just know we were seriously outnumbered.

But it worked out, because there was a sprinkler and mini muffins.

And on a side note, I don't know if I've ever been around so many attractive women with a baby on their hip in my entire life.  Crazy.  It was like a TV show, where you don't really notice how good looking everyone is, because it's TV.  And everyone just looks good in TV land.  But this wasn't TV.  This was my pretty friend Carrie's house.  With thirty or so of her pretty friends.  And of their pretty children.  It was like some bizarro pretty world.  I should have snapped a couple photos of the bizarro world pretty grown ups, but I seem to forget the grown ups and always focus on the littles.  I should work on that maybe...

So anyway.  Muffins.  Sprinkler.

Things went as I would expect them to for the most part.  Max outside, in the thick of it all, loving the sprinklers and the loudest part of the party.  Lucas inside, far away from the chaos and staying dry, thank you very much.

But what I didn't count on, what I did not see coming, the boy I did not bring clean clothes for...

Seriously, Harry?

 He practically sat on that thing the entire time.

 He had a love hate relationship with the sprinkler.  There are a lot of very complicated emotions involved when you are 11 months old, you know.

 Come to me, my sweet...  I love you, I love you...

No, no!  I hate you!  I hate you!!!

Even though Harry hogged the sprinkler toy, the other kiddos managed to have a good time too.

This little guy was so gorgeous that it caused me physical pain.  But, we all know what a sucker I am for boys...

No, I have not been eating sand.

Maybe you've been eating sand, lady.

Have a good weekend everyone!  And may your diapers all be free of sand.  Unless you're into that.

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xo katrina said...

looks like tons of fun! and your little harry is just the cutest thing.

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