I've Got the Monday Morning Randoms


It's Monday.  And I'm sleepy.  My sweet lovey Harry doesn't come anywhere close to sleeping through the night.  Ever.  I'm tired.  Did I mention I'm tired?

I don't exactly have a string of cohesive thoughts...  Lucky you.

So here's a couple of random things you might see around our house on any given day.

This isn't so random...  It's just Lukey Boy.  He likes to read.  In his pajamas.  And socks.  All day long.  Isn't he sweet?


This would be the bow tie that Max wore recently for his three year old photos that I haven't posted here yet...

I think about putting it away every time I walk past it on my bedroom floor, but then I'm usually busy and then I forget.  But don't worry I know just where to find it when I need it next.  Until I do need it, then it will somehow have magically vanished.

Oh look, basil.

And that would be a row of dinosaurs.  I wonder where they're headed?  Hold on...  I just noticed that all of the herbivores are facing one direction, and the carnivores are facing the other direction.  huh.  Curious.

And there's Max.  Taking a nap with Buzz Lightyear.

Buzz gets his own pillow.

The End.

1 comment:

xo katrina said...

luke reminds me of my isaiah. except isaiah only reads in his underwear. and black socks.

that's cool about the dinosaurs! you've got a dino expert in the house. :)

and that buzz. he always gets the best seat in the house.

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