Isn't She Lovely

So...  this is my cousin Naomi.

She was here a couple of weeks ago.

I miss her.

We had fun.

We spontaneously broke out into song and sang The Bangles Eternal Flame in the car. The whole song.  Really loud.  I mean, really, really loud.   Strangely, well not strangely, none of our children even blinked.  They're all pretty used to it.

A little Bangles.

A little Beatles.

A little Dixie Chicks.

A little Bon Jovi.  (don't judge me.)


She let me snap a few.

I'm glad.

She pretty.

I know, huh?

And now for some Stevie...

Isn't she lovely?

Isn't she beautiful?

I know.

1 comment:

Autumn Brown said...

Yes She is beautimous! Must run in the family huh? Beautiful pics of a beautiful woman. Thanks for sharing!

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