So...  When my cousin Naomi came for a visit, she brought her daughter Victoria.

She has the nerve to be fourteen years old.


How dare she...

But even worse than the fact that she is fourteen instead of four, is that she has the unbelievable gall to look like this.

Okay, really?

She isn't going to let me dress her in Winnie the Pooh dresses anymore, is she?

Maybe she will...  if I ask very nicely.


Okay....  probably not.

But I like her anyway. A whole lot.


hillary said...

Ok, I have a picture of Naomi holding a baby at my wedding reception. This must be who it is... 1997? This beautiful gal attended my wedding reception!

Autumn Brown said...

Wow! She looks so much like her momma! I know she has a LOT of Paul looks, but when I see that BIG beautiful smile, I see Naomi! Love it!!

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