It's a Super Monkey Thing

Monkey Towel.  The omnipresent Monkey Towel.  (Monkey Towel gets the proper noun treatment.  That's how revered it is around here.)

Every day, and I do mean EVERY DAY, since early July, Lucas has sported a brown hooded towel with a monkey on it whenever we are home.  Every day.  All day.  Monkey Towel.

Monkey towel in the morning. 

Monkey Towel at lunch. 

Monkey towel to go to the bathroom.  (You can imagine the disasters there.  I had to enforce a "Leave Monkey Towel on the doorknob" rule for the bathroom.) 

Monkey towel to play outside.  In Oklahoma July.  (Yeeeah, I know.)

He even slept wearing Monkey Towel.

Why???  That is an excellent question.  Why does he bring frogs in the house and keep them in his toy barn on the couch?  I don't know the answer to that either.

Monkey Towel became a permanent fixture in our family.  (I was pretty sure it needed it's own bedroom and place setting at the table.  Were we expected to send Monkey Towel to college?)

All was well.  Lucas was happy.  Monkey Towel was happy.   Dirty, it had to be snuck away from a sleeping boy in the middle of the night to be washed and then snuck back in before he woke up, but Monkey Towel was happy all the same.

Until one day....

 Dun Dun Dun
Tune in next week for the gripping conclusion of...

Monkey Mania
When Monkey Towels Attack

Have a great weekend!

Mama Monkey


JoLaLaLa said...

Oh my gosh, Mariah! You crack me up. I LOVE your new blog. VERY entertaining. Keep up the awesome posts. :)

jcmckee51 said...

I say, "Thumbs up for Monkey Towel!" I've been there, I understand!. Remember always.......

The Lord is awesome said...

This made me laugh so hard when I was reading it! You crack me up. I miss you guys and hopefully will get to see you all again sometime.

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