Sweet Sweet Baby

Being a Mom is a big job.  You're busy.  Really busy.  Constantly doing something.  Constantly thinking of the next things that need to be done.  This morning, Harrison was having a hard time going down for his morning nap.  It was taking much longer than usual.  I was a little frustrated, because my to do list is much larger than the window of time I have to get it accomplished.  My mind was filled with all of the things I have to do today.  Laundry.  Clean the kitchen.  Bathrooms.  Laundry.  Go through the size 2T clothes and see what fits Max.  Laundry.  Go through the 3-6 month size clothes and see what fits Harrison.  Laundry, laundry, laundry.

Then I stopped.  I looked down at my hand.  Harrison was nestled up to my chest, holding onto my thumb with both of his chubby little hands.  Why am I thinking about laundry?

I do not want to miss out on the sweetness in my arms because I am daydreaming about housework.  So I stopped thinking about everything I have to do today, and began to try and soak up every detail that my eyes could take in.  I wanted to drink in every detail of the moment, so I would never forget.

The feeling of my lips on the top of his head.  The way he is turned in towards me soft and warm.  His little hands gripping my thumb.  The way I can tell in an instant that he has fallen asleep by the sound of his breathing.

The little dimples that are his knuckles.  The soft, brown hair on the top of his head.  The little creases at his wrists.  The way his eyelashes make soft shadows on his cheeks when his eyes are closed.  His gently arched eyebrows that are the exact shape of mine.  The way his cheeks are just a slight shade pinker than the rest of his skin.  His chubby little arms and the deep dimple at his elbow.

I know that in just a few short days he will be running with his brothers up the stairs.  Going to school.  Talking back.  Catching frogs.  Riding a bike.  Leaving for college.

But today, he is my baby.  I don't want to miss a second of it.


LDaylily said...

That's a lovely memory for me to relive through your eyes! Note: I couldn't see the photo on this post.

LDaylily said...

now I can see it! Go figure!

snobord147 said...

You have the right idea Mariah. Take it all in each and every day! Soon you will be wearing high heels so that you can avoid the reality of your baby boy being as tall as you...
Love ya - Kim

Melanie said...

I constantly remind myself that the chores can wait and my kids won't remember the house being clean as much as they'll remember spending time with mommy.

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