Mommy Bear

My Lucas likes books.  A lot.  More than your average bear.  Speaking of bears...

Goldilocks and the Three Bears has been a hot pick around here for a long time.  The drama.  The action.  The intrigue.  You can see why he is a fan.

Daddy and Lukey Boy were reading Goldilocks the other day.  They were discussing the characters, the plot, you know.  Book club stuff.  Then Lucas told Daddy, "Mommy Bear lives in the kitchen." 

"Oh!"  Daddy replied. "She does?" 

"Yes.  Mommy Bear lives in the kitchen."

Apparently, this Mommy Bear has set the tone.  All mommies live in the kitchen.  Be they bears, raccoons, or Oklahomans.  Mommies live in the kitchen.

It seems like it, Baby Bear.  It seems like it.

Scullery Maid
Mommy Bear

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