Photo-a-Day Round Up

I'm a couple days behind...  Still snapping a shot every day, just not posting every day.  

Yeah, well.  

Ya know.  


Guess what?  

My blog is about to look real different.  For really reals.  I'm pretty excited.  So, there's that.

And...  We've just been trying to get back into the school groove around here.  The mornings.  Brutal.

And Max is pretty sure he is abused because I'm not making him sausage every morning.  Lucas is indignant because he doesn't get to stay in his pajamas.  (Don't worry.  He changes into them the second he gets home from school.  Don't you worry.)

So, anyway...  photos.  Last three days.  Go.

Love all the imagination 'round here.  I think they were pretending this was their hotel room.  In California.  It had a library.
 A week of breakfasts for Chris.  I heart him.  He needs healthy little oatmeal bowls.
 This boy.  Really...  Sometimes I just stare at him he's so beautiful.

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