Snowy Day (a video short)

Today the ground is covered with a light dusting of snow.  The first day back to school after Christmas holiday is canceled because of the extreme windchill temperatures.  (what???  dang.  cold.)

It seems like a good day to share this little video I put together a couple of weeks back.  I had intended to burn it on discs and include it with grandparent Christmas gifts...  ummm....   wellll.....

Never happened.

Add it to the list.

But now they can see it through the magic of the internet!  (Except for my Dad.  Because he doesn't know how to work a computer.  I am not kidding.  The man can break horses, wire a house, survive in the wild for weeks with nothing but a book of matches and a pair of mittens.  But if Earth were being held up by alien bandits, and the fate of the human race depended on my dad doing a google search...  We would be screwed.  Die in a big ball of fire.  Toast.)

I'll have to send a copy to my dad through the mail.

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