Tree Trimming

Hey there, Gentle Reader.  Yeah.  We're still here.  

So...  Halloween.  Yeah.  Did it.

Thanksgiving.  Did that one too.

First teeth.  Nailed it.  Nailed two, actually.

Crawling.  Yup.  Like a boss.

And now...  knee deep in Christmas cheer.  Allow me to take this opportunity to speak freely.  Because it's my goal-darned blog.  And I'll say what I want to.  Allow me to speak freely on...

The Elf of the Shelf.

Man.  I hate that guy.

Seriously.  Who are you women who have time for that crap???

I wanted to be one of you, I really tried last year.  I was so excited to get that little guy. (Who looks alarmingly like my second born son.  creepy.)  He showed up on the tree...  Hanging superhero underwear on stocking hangers...  You know.  Typical elf stuff.    But really.  really.  This momma just can't make that brand of Christmas magic happen.  Fuzzbutton Candy-eater is sitting on the same bookshelf he was the day he came out of the big cardboard Christmas decor box.  Sorry kids.  Put it on your list of grievances and save it for your therapist in twenty years.


We did decorate the Christmas tree!

So take that, Holiday To-Do List.  

Put that in your corn cob pipe and smoke it.

And I've got a video to prove it.

1 comment:

joshua bellew said...

I just looked at the elf on the shelf and your right creepy. I would sue the company that makes them for 10% lol

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