Harry's New Groove

Harry has officially entered a new phase.  He no longer finds Aretha Franklin on my phone every time he gets ahold of it.  I'm a little sad about it...  It was so cute to see my chubby two year old jamming out with the Queen of Soul.  We were waiting for a table at a restaurant last February.  I was hugely pregnant with #4.  It wasn't a restaurant I would ever choose, but we were given a gift card for Christmas.  And they have biscuits.  And a lobster tank.  Obviously, Lucas wants to live there.

sigh...  A mother's love.

So, we were in the ridiculously crowded lobby.  (What is the deal???  This is not exactly fine cuisine.  Why, why, why would anyone wait this long???  Has to be the biscuits.  No other explanation. Or in our case, the deadly combo of gift card, lobster tank, popcorn shrimp and a super excited green eyed boy that I can't say no to.)  Waiting.  For 524,600 minutes.  Seriously.  Epic.

Harry had my phone.  I was trying to keep him still.  He found Aretha.  Of course he found Aretha.  He always finds Aretha.  His favorite song.  Since You've Been Gone.  1968.  Lady Soul album.

My two year old stands up on the bench.  Turns up volume on my iPhone with his chubby little toddler hands.  Holds it out in front of him in a broad, slow sweep.  Sharing with the people.  Head bobbing intently to the beat.  Face plainly saying, Yeah...  I know, right?  Brilliant.  Queen of Soul.  You're welcome, citizens.  You.  Are.  Welcome.  

Even though it was loud in that cramped little lobby (of course it was loud.  All that humanity crammed in one tight space, clamoring for their cheesy biscuits.  Stressing out the lobsters.  Breathing all my air.), Harry still turned heads.  I didn't try to stop him.  He's on a mission to educate the masses.  I salute him.  Proud of my little man.

We have now left the Aretha Phase.  And have entered...

The Beatles Phase.

Or more specifically, the Hey Jude phase.  It's the only song he ever wants to sing.  (well, occasionally he throws in The Itsy Bitsy Spider to mix things up a bit.  Gotta keep it fresh.)  Sings it to Baby Jude whenever he is sad.  Which, incidentally is the cutest thing ever since the creation of man.  No music shall be heard in Prince Harry's hearing that is not Hey Jude.  Or there shall be great suffering throughout the land.  Mine, mostly.

He sings it all the way through, even the crazy long ending.  (So dang long...  so, so, so long.)  His favorite part is the "na-na-na-nas".

To sum it up. my kid is awesome.  For reals.

Oh.  And he occasionally wears super hero costumes in public.  And by occasionally, I mean every time we leave the house.

Double awesome.

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