Snow Day with June Cleaver

We've been snowed in for a while...  How about you??  It hasn't been too bad though...  I actually have gloves for little hands, instead of my old stand by of a pair of socks.  I'm such a good mother.  Really.  I felt all warm and fuzzy and June Cleaver inside when I sent my little darlings outside to play in the fresh snow with actual gloves on their hands.  Not socks.  

See?  There I am.

Man.  I feel sooo good about myself.  And really.  I am rockin' that pleated skirt and sensible pair of pumps.  My husband is a lucky, lucky man.
But I digress.


Yes.  Snowed in.  I won't pretend that there haven't moments that lead me gently by the hand to the edge of insanity.  Okay.  Over the edge of insanity.  

Harry completely torments his brothers.  And cries and screams, You are BAD BAD BAD!  at my unjust rule of, No weapons at the table.  I know.  I'm so mean.  Max cries at the drop of a hat. 

 Lucas won't stop quoting Home Alone.  That actually may be the one that's making me the most crazy, actually.  Did you know there's cussing in Home Alone?  There is.  Lucas has it all memorized.  Before now, the knowledge of words that were actually bad, that he was not allowed to say, had never been known to him.  Don't worry.  It's known to him now.  Don't worry.  Knowledge is power.  Don't worry.  He's completely drunk with power.  Don't worry.  He might grow up to be a fantastic cusser someday.  Don't worry.  We're really proud.  Reach for the stars.  Be all you can be.  Never stop believing in yourself.

And the boys have started their own Evans Boys Polar Bear Club.  (Don't ask.  You do not want to be in this particular club.  Promise.)

So...  Anyway.

Here are some photos of the boys looking like little angels playing in the snow.  No cussing.  No crying.  Everyone's wearing pants.  You're welcome.
It's actually been pretty great.  There are no better people to be stranded with.


JoLaLaLa said...

Awwwwww, how sweet! I love these pictures, Mariah! I am jealous of your photos and of your June Cleaver abilities. Maybe you can teach them to me one day. :)

I saw a facebook 'meme' type post once that said "You never realize how dirty a song is until you hear a child singing the lyrics." which I found to be altogether too true.

I, too, have found this also goes for movies and TV shows. You never realize how many cuss words are in there til you make the mistake of saying "Oh man, I LOVED this movie as a kid! Let's watch it together!" I have found this the hard way with several movies, including The Mighty Ducks, which is a DISNEY movie by the way, and is so full of words the girls were shocked I let them watch it and even more shocked when they found out I used to watch it at school as a kid. Ooops! You live, you learn, I guess. Sometimes though... just a little too late. :D

Miranda Thompson said...

Beautiful photos!! Precious memories... Even the crazy ones ;)

Miranda Thompson said...

Beautiful photos!! Precious memories... Even the crazy ones ;)

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