Family Photos With Surly von Cranky-Pants. Esquire.

Let it be known.  

The days of Mariah attempting family photos with her five men and a tripod are over. 

Over I say.  

So let it be written.  So let it be done.

Perhaps you are better at that than I am.  I hate it.  Misery for all.  But mostly me.  Never again.  Now I just call my pal Jessie.  She does it instead.  (She also took my maternity photos when I was expecting Jude, and our family photos right after he was born.)  And I am not sorry.

However, I am sorry that Lucas was a surly, cranky meanie when we were trying to be all lovely and congenial.  I'm sorry about that part.

Oh, well.  Can't have everything!  He doesn't look like he hates his parents in all of them.  
Thanks for capturing our little family, Jessie!  Even us surly folk.

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