The Evans Spectacular Six

My friend Jessie, of Jessie Leigh Photography came over to hang out a couple of weeks ago, when little Jude was just eleven days old.  She brought her camera.  That was handy.  (you can check out the maternity photos she took here.)
Oh, Jude...  You are unimaginably sweet.
I love this next one.  Harry.  He slays me.
 With all our craziness with a newborn, a two year old, and two boys in school...  This next photo is actually the first time Lucas got to hold Jude.  What a treasure for us to have this image!
 And here we are...  Our crazy family of SIX.  Oy.
 I certainly do have a lot of photos of Harry jumping on my bed...  hmmm...
 My family.  So beautiful to me.

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ElizaJaneInk said...

These are GORGEOUS!! What a beautiful family!

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