iPhone Friday

Evans Fam.  That's us.  Here's what we've been up to.  All photos taken with my iPhone 4S.

blurry...  but oh so excellent.

 He fights bad guys.
 cards make by the boys' classes on the last day of school for the tornado victims.  So sweet.  There were lots of laughs and tears reading through these!

 he's only smiling because he can't see my phone.  
my menfolk.
 lovely flowers from a friend.

 I want to eat those piggies...

neighborhood stroll
 he had to stop and check on baby brother.
Lucas has slept every night since school has been out in his teepee.  I wonder if he will sleep in his bed at all this summer?
blurry...  but, WOW.

 I opened the drawer...  And for some reason, I had put a bag of brocolli in here earlier in the day.  I'm losing it, Gentle Reader.  Losing.  It.
 Mommy School!  This is when I make the boys do school work on their summer vacation, but talk about it in a very enthusiastic voice so they will think it's fun.  Totally works, by the way.

 watching the rain come down

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

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