From the Mouths of Babes

You know what's awesome?  Cards made by little people.  After the tornado a couple of weeks ago, I enlisted the help of the boys' teachers on the last day of school.  Lucas and Max came home with their backpacks full of cards for an older gentleman who lost his home and all of his belongings.  I sat down on the couch and cried my eyes out reading these...  The simplicity of the children's comfort.  So amazingly sweet and profound.  Really touched my heart.  And some of them...  Just funny.
 This was the first card I saw.  And then I bawled.  Like a baby.  Chris was witting next to me on the couch while I ugly cried over the marriage of sweet innocence and scented markers.  You're only two in!  He said, laughing at me.
 But seriously.  These kids...  Breaking my heart in the best way.

This one is from my Lucas...  It has a lion front and center.  Nothing says I'm so glad you survived a devastating tornado quite like a lion.
 And this one...  Tyler makes his position on twisters very clear in his diagrams.  Tornado, bad.  Blue sky, good.
And this one...  Oh, great googley-moogley.  Those are...  overweight unicorns, I believe.  Holding a heart.  And the text.  Allow me to translate, just in case you don't speak first grader.  


Dear Ken's family,
I'm sorry that your house got ran over by a F5 tornado.  I bet you are happy that you survived.

Yup.  I bet he is.

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