Give Forward Update

Gentle Reader...  You're all just pretty darn great.  I'm very happy to report that over $1,000 has been raised through the Give Forward website for both the Childs and Buckman families!

 the Buckman and the Childs families in front of what used to their homes

Shawn Buckman is home from deployment (I bet that makes for a happy mama and little girls!) and they are all together again.
I can't imagine...  Sifting through all this.  Trying to find something worth saving.
 But honestly.  Every time I've talked to Jessie and Brandi, they have just been happy.  Happy to be alive.  To have their families together.  And so, so thankful and moved by the generosity and kindness of everyone who has been willing to help.
Thank you so much for helping these families.  If you would like to make a donation to the Childs Family or the Buckman Family, you can find the links you need here.  

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