Book Worm

All kids get into a little bit trouble at school now and then, right?  Some cheat on tests.  Some talk too much during class (ummm, Mariah.).  But not Lucas.  He's not taking anybody's milk money.  No.  Lately Lucas has been getting in trouble for sneaking too many books to school.  
This is pretty typical Lucas reading material.  Three cookbooks, a Martha Stewart cakes and cupcakes special edition, two animal encyclopedias, and one children's book.  (The cookbooks, by the by, he saves up all of his tooth fairy and birthday money to buy.  Nobody appreciates the pastry arts like my boy.)  

He hides them in his backpack.  All twenty five pounds of them.  He has a little book bag that he takes every day, and he is allowed to take two books from home with him every day.  Two.  Two.  But sometimes Mommy gets busy with the four freaking children I have to wrestle into the van by eight in the morning that she forgets to check his book bag.  Because he's like a prison inmate and needs to be patted down for illegal paraphernalia every time he leaves the house.  Sometimes I have to check his t shirts too.   Because he'll try and sneak out of the van with a stash of Williams-Sonoma catalogues under his shirt or down his extra slim flat fronted cargo pants.

I know you're feelin' me, Gentle Reader.  You kid does this exact thing.  Right?
true love...

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