iPhone Friday

Happy Friday!  Here's a little peek at what we've been up to this week...  All photos from my iPhone.

On a special date with Max after his program at school.  Yes.  He IS really like this.  All the time.
My sweet Lucas boy.
Batman.  Then dragon.  Then cowboy hat.  He calls himself, "Hero Man".
Best.  Day.  Ever.
Man, I like this guy.
Me and my little men.
Bath time!
We've got a lot of love for this guy around our house.
Best view.
We're working on tummy time.  He's not a huge fan.
Retirement party for my dear friend at my old school.  Miss these wonderful people!
Daddy reads the best stories...
Water Day at Max's school.  He was in Heaven! 

Beautiful peonies from my garden.  (Well, I say my garden...  but Chris does all the work!)
Happy Friday!

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