Mostly Treats

I'm a bit behind on the blogging train lately.   I'm also a bit behind on the laundry.  And I have yet to finish painting my bathroom floor.  And everyone that lives here keeps expecting me to feed them.

So...  Yah.  Anyways.  We went Trick-or-Treating last week.  Of course we did.  A pirate.
 And Cookie Monster.
That famous trio.  Well, they're famous now.  At our house.

This is his Arrrggg! face.  Look out.
 Pirates can be rather silly...
And Cookie Monsters are really just interested in candy.  Big surprise.
Harry went trick-or-treating last year too for a couple of houses, but he wasn't much fun.  This year he really had a good time.  But we did have to keep one hand on those little eyeballs on top of his house to stop him from going into all our neighbors' houses.

The big brothers did great, they're well practiced in the noble art of begging.  We did have to have a talk with Lucas...  He needed to know that it wasn't polite to hand back a bag of Goldfish crackers and say, "No thanks.  I don't like this."  At the next house he just handed it back with a sweet smile...  sheesh.  
Good times!

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