Halloween Cheezy-Poofs

Our annual Halloween part-ay was Saturday evening.  There were pumpkins.  There were cheezey-poufs.  There were little cutie pies all dressed up.
And eyeballs.  Lots, and lots of eyeballs.
And a poodle.  There's always a poodle.
And a fairy, a couple of ghosts, The Hulk, a Disney princess,  two pirates, a rodeo clown, Cookie Monster and Spiderman.  There are usually twice the little people in costumes, but this year there were a lot of sickies.  Lots of kids staying home and puking instead.  Sad.  But even our smallish crowd was fun.  At one point during the party, the level of chaos had reached such a fevered pitch that I thought it necessary to let all of the swords just have a little rest.  I did have the foresight this year to not have a pinata in the house.  Good call, Mariah.  Good call.  These little maniacs were all hyped up on candy corns and somebody was gonna bleed.  Rachmaninoff was blaring from the electric piano.  The djembe was pulsing a frantic dance.  The Hulk and the rodeo clown had an epic battle to settle.  Yowza.  All of the adults looked frightened.  Wide eyed.   

But wait...  Did I mention there were cheezy-poofs?  There were.  Cheezy-poofs.
And The Great Pumpkin.  Of course there was that.  No Halloween party would be complete without a screening of The Great Pumpkin.  What are we, animals??

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