The Halloween Part-ay

The Halloween Party.

Ah, yes.

Did you know, Gentle Reader.  It is very difficult to host a party and  take photograph what's going on?  It is.  It really, really is.  So...  I wouldn't say these are the best photos...  but for me they're keepers.  Because even though they aren't perfect...  Lucas will never be a six year old pirate again.  Max will never be that cute little dragon again.  Annabelle will not always feel so beautiful and glamorous wearing a synthetic yellow wig.  I will, however, more than likely be Lady Macbeth again...

I have the dress.  I have the skull.  I have the creepy Lady Macbeth face.  Why wouldn't I?

And I certainly do hope this fine family will be the Flintstones again...  because it was pretty fantastic.

What's that, Mom?  Can I have one?

After eating dinner, it was time to play!

The pirate and his little buddy Rapunzel.  I wish I could have captured her expression when she first walked into the party.  She was so, so excited about her long beautiful hair.  Her little face was just beaming.  She didn't say a word about it, but ran in with sheer joy dancing in her eyes.  I think that one brief moment made my whole night.

Then games!!!  Pumpkin Bowling was a hit.

It would have been even better if a certain little dinosaur would have stayed off of the lane...


Then the pinata.  Gentle Reader.  Let me make a recommendation to you.  Do not try and do a pinata in the house.  It is terrifying.  Especially if any of the kiddos are on baseball teams.  Everyone, my house included, survived the pinata.  I didn't get any photos...  because I was in the fetal position under the table.

And tonight???

Trick or Treat, baby.

Ahhh yahhh...

Happy Halloween!

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