Just Me and My Mommy

What a wonderful experience I was able to have doing these Just Me and My Mommy photo sessions!  I really lucked out.  These moms were knockouts, the babies little cherubs...  Beautiful mommies and beautiful children!  Really, I just feel so lucky.  Photography can be such an intimate thing.  I feel so honored to be let into these ladies' hearts like this.  
This was a photo with Mom and her little boy...  Then sister photo bombed.  Stephanie, the beautiful mother, laughed and looked at me apologetically.  I assured her that the "When Little Sisters Attack" photos would be her favorites.  That kind of pure, preschooler joy can't be duplicated.  So glad I had a camera in my hands to capture that little impish enthusiasm!  

And then I lost my car keys...  Not the coolest thing I've ever done.  These sweet girls tried to help me find them, but alas.  They were swallowed by the pretty yellow flowers.  For-ev-ah.  That's okay.  It was still a beautiful evening with even more beautiful ladies.  I wouldn't take it back if I could.
Happy Mother's Day to these amazing women!  Thanks for inviting me to the love fest.

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