Sometimes, you spend your evenings in fields covered in wild flowers, photographing beautiful people.  Sometimes, while photographing beautiful people, in fields covered in wildflowers, you have your pockets stuffed with kleenex.  Because fields covered in wildflowers make you sneeze.  And sometimes, having your pocket stuffed with kleenexes, somehow unknowingly squeezes your car keys out of your pants pockets, straingt into the fields covered in wild flowers.  Sometimes, it is impossible to find your car keys that have been lost in fields covered in wild flowers.  Sometimes, you and the beautiful people you have been photographing, look for your car keys in vain until dark, in fields covered in wild flowers.  Sometimes, you have to get a ride home, and leave your car parked along side the road.  Next to a field covered in wild flowers.  Sometimes, tow trucks meet your husband.  In the dark.  At 11:00 at night.  Along side a country road.  Next to fields covered in wild flowers.  And the tow truck guy is very confused.  Because it is dark.  And he cannot see that the field is covered in wildflowers.  So he doesn't know why your car is parked there.  Sometimes your husband grimaces.  Grits his teeth, and explains all about your car keys.  The kleenex.  And the fields covered in wildflowers.

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