Field Trippin'

My baby's a big boy.  A kindergartner.  Big enough to ride the bus and go on a field trip.  I met Lucas and three bus loads of kindergartners at the park for lunch.
 And Happy Meals.  A lotta lotta Happy Meals.

That's him.  My long legged, monkey hat wearin', socks with crocks sportin' little man.  The chicks dig it.  After the park we went to this little gymnastics place.  Sorry.  Correction.  We went to this HUGE gymnastics place.  Made for little people.  So much jumping.  Leaping.  Squealing.  Smelling like wet, stinky dogs.
Lucas was not alone in the "drunken sea cucumber" version of a front roll.  He and a couple of the other kiddos preferred this method of getting down the wedge.  Whatev, dude.
Lucas is a raccoon at heart.  He can't see a cozy little space without movin' on in and making it cozy.  It's cool.  Gave the other kids someone to jump over.  
 Lucas was one of the fastest at climbing the wall.  Sleeping on the top bunk bed is good training for field trips.
 At the end of the gymnastics fun, they gave all of the kids medals.  Lucas gave me his.  Not because he didn't want it, but just because it's like jewelery.  And jewelry is for Mommy.  All jewelry, and all flowers.  For Mommy.  The end.  Oh, and rocks that he finds on the playground.  I get one every day.  I love it.

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