A couple of weeks ago, I had my first senior photo session ev-ah.  I was excited about doing something new, but I was also a little nervous.  Because he is a dude.  And there is a delicate balance when photographing dudes.  (Not little dudes, they're easy.  I mean big dudes.)  You want them to look cool, but not too cool, easy-not-trying-too-hard, and somehow not like one of these guys.

It's a delicate balance, I tell ya.

But Mason is ridiculously good looking...  Like this guy...
And he was willing to do any crazy thing I told him to.  Like, Wear a suit and bring a ukulele.  So I think it all worked out.
 What are they putting in those school lunches?  I am certain, quite certain that my friends and I were NOT this cool in high school.
Nope.  Not that cool.

 I'm still not that cool.


Lugina said...

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

Loyal readers are hard to come by, but u have just converted me! :)

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