Buzz Lightyear and the Poodle. And the Worm.

Saturday morning came much earlier than we would have liked.  Partly because we had tilapia for dinner the night before.  Which meant that Lucas and Max didn't eat dinner.  Which meant that they were very hungry by 6:45 the next morning.  Which meant that Mommy and Daddy were very awake by 6:45 the next morning.  So, it was partly because of a tilapia dinner.  But it was also partly because Lucas lost another tooth on Friday afternoon.  And it is a known fact among wee ones that that any night when someone is going to sneak into your house, (either to fill your stocking that is hung by the chimney with care; leave you chocolate bunny rabbits and marshmallow chicks;  or steal your teeth and leave you money) is not a night for good sleeping.  But I'll tell you more about Lucas and the tooth fairy tomorrow.  That story deserves it's own post, boy howdy.
So, we had an early morning.  Waffles.  Then a walk.  Max was sent upstairs to get dressed, for even though our boys wear their pajamas every moment that we are at home, we do make them wear real clothes when we leave the house.  Yes, even for a walk around the neighborhood.  I know what you are thinking.  We.  are.  so.  uptown.
This is how Max came downstairs.  Dressed for a walk.
Whatevs, dude.  Whatevs.
Overheard conversation on our walk.  Lucas to a worm, right after he dropped it back in the road where he found it.
I'm gonna miss you, Worm.  Go. Go back to your family.  I love you, worm.  I'm really gonna miss you.  Go.  Go dig in some dirt.
As a side note, I think that work was dead.  Ummm....  Lucas didn't know that.  I didn't think it was necessary to tell him.

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