Because I'm Cool

So, you've seen this.  Right?  Unless you are my Mom, you've seen this.  If you are my Mom, or if you haven't seen this for some inexplicable reason, stop what you are doing and watch it.  But, you might not want to be in a crowd.  If you are anything like me, you will sit with a stupid smile plastered to your kisser and tears streaming down your face.  And then you will watch it again.  And cry some more.  And then watch it again.  More tears.  And then you will think about it for days and days.  And maybe get a little teary when you think of it.

But here's something you may not know.  In the video, the guy with the fluffy hair in the beginning?  That's my friend Ammon from high school.  And the amazingly beautiful woman in the red dress?  That is his wife Gina.  That's right.  You know what this means.  It means that

I.  Am.  Incredibly.  Cool.  

I'm practically famous.  I've practically gone viral.  I know.  You are really impressed.  But really, you're practically famous now too!  Because, you know me.  You are, if you are reading this blog, probably related to me.  So how cool does that make you?  You've practically gone viral!  You are so.  Cool.

Okay, true.  I have only seen Ammon a hand full of times since high school.  And I have never met his wife.  But I can't take my eyes off of her when I watch this.  Over and over again.  Stupid grin.  Tears.  I can't take my eyes off of Gina.  So I feel like I know her.  We're practically best friends.  We're famous now.  Going viral together can really bring two people together.

Don't worry, Gentle Reader.  I won't let my newfound fame change me.  Much.


Angel said...

Seriously! I love your blog! You are so witty, your writing is masterfully crafted and delightful to read. You always leave me with a smile creeping from the corners of my mouth after reading your posts. You are a rock star, Mariah Evans!

Angel said...

And, yes, due to your connections to the above post you are now inexplicably... cool. ;)

LDaylily said...

Hey that makes me cool too! Do you know how many times I've seen this in the last couple of day? Every news program has had it on at least 3 times. I can honestly say it didn't bring tears to my eyes. But now I have to watch in with totally new perspective!

autumn greenfield said...

This video does make me cry. So cool that you know them and I know you!

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