It's a Jolly Holiday with Max

Have you met my Max?

Yup.  He's the one.

He has been cracking me up lately.

I think the Holidays might be a little confusing for the poor little guy...  over the weekend while we were driving around looking at Christmas lights I heard him singing from the back seat of the car, Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, we're riding on your branches...

Wait...  What?

And then, last week we had this conversation.

Me- Max when you get big like Daddy, do you think you might want to get married someday?
Max-  Umm...  Yah.
Me-  Who do you think you might want to marry?
Max-  Ummm...  I think Baby Jesus.

I have obviously neglected his education in regards to both the nativity, and the institution of marriage.  Wow.  Really dropped the ball there.

And nap time.  sheesh...

He's really starting to grow out of his need for a nap.  However, I have not outgrown my need for his nap. So he is still sent to his room for an hour or so every day.  Where he "naps".  Yah.  He "lays down in his bed".  mmm-hmmm.

I came into his room last week and he was on all fours in the middle of his completely bare bed.  No toys, no blankets, no sheets, no pillow, nothing.  When he saw me he said in a very sweet voice, "Oh hi, Mommy.  I'm just sitting on my bed quietly."  Which was not true, I could hear him doing his dragon roar from the kitchen downstairs.

Yesterday, we went through the drive through at Starbucks.  Because I'm really nice I bought him a scone.  My kids love scones.  Love.  He scarfed the thing down in two seconds.  "Mom?  Can I have another scone?"  

"No, sorry.  There aren't any more scones, Sweetie.  You ate yours all up."

Cue howl of despair.  "But I pick five scones!  Not one scone!  That gives me a tummy ache!"

That's right.  He tried to convince me that consuming too few scones had actually made him physically ill.


This is the one that really earns me some kind of award...

The other day I came into his room to get him up from his "nap".  He actually was sitting on his bed quietly, looking at his little Children's Bible.

Awwww....  Melt a Mommy's heart.  I wasn't sure which Bible story he was looking at, something from the Old Testament.  "Max, look at this."  I said, taking the little book from him and thumbing through it. I quickly found the page I was looking for.  Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus nestled in their little barn, surrounded by hay, livestock, and angels.  I just knew he'd love this picture.  He loves sweet little Baby Jesus.  (You can read this if you want to know any more about Lucas and Max and their adoration of the Christ child.)

Max took the little book from my hands.  He quickly glanced at the page I had presented, then started rifling back to the Old Testament.  "I don't like Baby Jesus, Mom."  He told me conversationally.  "I just like swords."


That's just great.

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xo katrina said...

oh my goodness. what a sweet sweet boy. your noises sure are joyful! :)

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