The Holiday Panic

It's here, Gentle Reader.

The Holiday Panic.

It's officially here.

I've felt it's hungry eyes on me for about a week now...  Can hear the floorboards creek as it tiptoes closer...



It's here!  The Holiday Panic!

Oh no!Oh no!Oh no!

Now imagine me running around in circles clutching at my hair.


Why, Gentle Reader?  Why do I do this to myself?

I look at other women's blogs, women who have their act together far more than I do....  They make me think, "Hey, I have opposable thumbs too! I can do that!"

And then I get on Pinterest and get all these fancy ideas.  Well, not fancy.  But ideas.

Then suddenly, it's six days before Christmas.  Chris says, "Hey, you know what would make Christmas really nice for me?  If you cleaned up that big mess you made." and gestures to one half of our bedroom where I've been keeping piles of fall and winter clothes that haven't made it into my closet, stacks of mason jars for Christmas gifts, wrapping supplies and my cardboard box collection.

How dare he ask me to clean up my box collection??!!!  Doesn't he know how many homemade gifts I have left to do??  I haven't even made chocolate truffles yet!  No truffles!  No almond toffee!  No cookies for Santa!

Now I'm running in tiny freak out circles in my kitchen screaming like a character from Charlie Brown.

And this is the part, where if you are my cousin, and chances are pretty good that if you are reading this you are my cousin, you are shaking your head.  Shaking your head in my general direction.

None of my gifts are going to get to Colorado by the 25th.

None of my Christmas cards are going to get to Colorado by the 25th.

I can't find my movie White Christmas.

Max peed his pants in the apple store.

Why can't a cup of coffee just stay hot??  It's maddening.

And I can't find my movie White Christmas.  Have I mentioned that?  It's hard to type when I'm running around in Charlie Brown circles.

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