Kindergarten Christmas Love

My baby is a kindergartner.

Can you believe it?

Neither can I.

Teaching kindergartners...  wow.  It takes a special kind of person.  We are very, very blessed.  Lucas has amazing teachers.  I wanted to show them how much they are appreciated...  And I would like to think that Lucas also wanted to let them know how much they are appreciated...  But really, he just wants to play Angry Birds.  But he helped me anyway.

Max helped too.

Of course he did.  Max is all over helping.  Up to his elbows in helping.  Bless his little heart.

We planted these Narcissus bulbs a couple of weeks ago.  My hope was that by the last day of school I would have a charming little jar filled with delicate white blossoms.

But things seldom go according to my plans.

Please tell me you can relate, and it isn't just me???!!!

My little bulbs didn't grow like I planned...

So the teachers got a jar of dirt.

Merry Christmas?  I appreciate you?

To soothe the sting of the jar-o-dirt, I wrapped this little poem around the jars.

This little bulb was plain and brown, it didn't look like any fun. 
But with some extra carefully care, something magic has begun. 

When it blooms it will be magnificent! 
Oh, what magic that bulb will do. 
And, hey! Look here! Yes, over here! 
There's magic inside me too. 

You water me with drops of patience, 
You put good stuff inside my brains! 
You love me up with all good sunshine, 
and show me how to hold the reins.
You put my shoes in good directions, so my feet know where to go. 
Hey watch! Say, look at this! You help me to grow, and grow, and 
g r o w. 

So when I am a pastry chef, your cupcake gets extra sprinkles. 
They'll be the sprinkliest, deluxe, tasty, extra sprinkley kind of sprinkles. 

Or when I am the zookeeper, of the most amazing zoo. 
I'll say, "Come pet my lovely animals! Hey! I remember you!" 

So, thank-you. Sweet lovely You. For everything you do for me. 
Thanks for the crayons! The glue! The stories! And the construction paper spree. 

But most of all, yes the most-est, most, of all… 
Thank you. 

For helping me, be me. 

Merry Christmas 
Love, Lucas

Because I love Lucas's teachers...  I didn't let the boys help me make these treats.

Then we packed everything up and headed to the reindeer festivities!  Chris was a nice, wonderful husband and stayed home with the two littlest littles so I could go to the party with just my Lucas.  Don't worry, he's got a jar of dirt coming to him.  Gotta let the people know you love 'em.

And that would be a reindeer nose.  Red?  No thank you.  Black?  Nope.  How about a black and orange combo, reminiscent of a certain lasagna eating cartoon cat?  Now you're talking.

Good times.  Seriously, though...  You would have to pay me a pretty penny to eat one of these little gingerbread cookies decorated by grubby kindergarten hands.

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Jennifer said...

I think I told you a few weeks ago about my daughter not being to interested in Garfield.. Well like 2 weeks ago we watched the Christmas episode (we have the holiday special dvd with all 3 holidays) Now she is obsessed with him. It's all she wants to watch. She thinks the Halloween episode is to scary but loves the Thanksgiving and Christmas ones.

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