Tis the Season... for a Manger-side Brawl

The most popular toy in our house has become...

The Baby Jesus.


Hands down.

Without question.

Even more than Buzz Lightyear.

And that's saying something.

Oh come let us adore Him.

The boys haven't been fighting over the Baby Jesus as much as they have been cradle snatching.

They wait for the other to not be paying attention...




 You don't seem to be playing with the Christ child...  let me take him off your hands for you...


What?  You need to go to the bathroom?  Well, you won't be needing the Messiah for a while...


The first couple of days were the most intense in the baby snatching department, but that's gotten better.  They're sharing Baby Jesus now.

I don't want them to fight, or to steal toys from each other, but I can't help thinking that it's really sweet that they know that Baby Jesus is the most important one at the manger.  


And, in case you're wondering, yes.  That is an elephant singing exaltation.  Unorthodox, I know.  But that's how we roll.

1 comment:

April Irvin said...

There is an elephant in the manger. Is everyone just going to ignore him? HeeHe! I love how swipe,manger,baby Jesus,elephant and "thats how we roll" all end up in the same story.

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