The Isle of Max


I think that Max would be happy if he and I could live together on a deserted island.

Just the two of us.

Playing in the sand all day.  Lots of cuddles.  Eating coconuts.

Just Mommy and Max.

Nobody else.

It isn't that he doesn't love his brothers, his Daddy, his grandparents.

He does.  He loves them a lot.

But here's the thing...  they aren't...


Am I complaining?  

Heck no.

I know that this window of time is brief.  Only for a little while will I be the sun, the moon, and the stars to him.

So I love it.

I lap it up.

Relish it.

Roll around in it.

I love you, Max.  Love, love, love.

Lucky Mommy


Mommy Girl said...

LOVE IT! I have a little lover too and he's the best! I too know that window is small.

April Irvin said...

It must be the middle child thing! My post was very similar. How funny is that? Lilly is nine and she still loves loves loves her mommy. Awww those babies that love there mommys.So sweet!!

Heather said...

What adorable photos. My youngest boy is just like your son...sometimes it gets irritating but more often than not I just enjoy it while it lasts.

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