Thankful Tree

Maybe you've noticed.  I haven't been blogging a lot lately.

I'm...  ummm...  super crazy busy.  And I've been having computer issues.  Issues that give me the sweats.

I know you understand, Gentle Reader.

Monday, I went to Lucas's school for his Friendship Feast.  The Friendship Feast I didn't know was happening until late Sunday night.  Do I have pictures to share with you?  No.  No, I do not.  Because while the kindergarten class was standing in their three straight lines wearing their paper Pilgrim hats and their carefully constructed Indian headbands, Lucas's head was in my lap.  Eyes shut tight, hiding from the embarrassment of his singing peers.  Max wasn't embarrassed, he just didn't know why he had to be quiet and couldn't play with toys.  Harrison was pretty mad at me because he couldn't have my phone.  There was a lot of squirming and yelling during the kindergartners' spicy rendition of, Albuquerque is a Turkey.  So glad that multiple parents were recording Harrison yelling and Max saying, "But I really want that ball over there!" the sweet little darlings singing.  But don't worry, that part didn't last long.  After the Thanksgiving songs it was time for all the Pilgrims and Indians to share a sack lunch with their parents and grandparents who had come to the feast.  Harrison was seriously annoyed...  at what?  No idea.  Max managed to spill half of his juice and the shredded cheese from his pizza Lunchable all over the carpet.  Then sit in it.  Of course he did.  Lucas was cool, though.  Until...  He finished up his lunch and went and put his backpack on.  Ummm....  Sorry kid.  False alarm.  You have to stay at school for three more hours.  Devastation.  Thanksgiving trauma.

On the upside though, I always enjoy seeing Lucas's classroom.  All of the kids made little place mats for their desk.  Lucas forgot to put his name on his, but I knew it was his the second I laid eyes on it...

Allow me to translate.  I am fluent in Lucas.  That says, I am thankful for special dessert and juice.  There is only one kid in the world who would write that...

I did want to share one little thing with you while we're all feeling Thanksgiving-ish.

Our Thankful Tree.  I'm sure you've seen them, they're everywhere.  But not every one's Thankful Tree says...

That's right.  Max is thankful for bats and dragons.

Bats and dragons, Folks.

Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like bats and dragons, that what I always say.

What's Lucas thankful for?

That's right.  Of course...

War-wah.  I'm thankful for Laura too.

Lucas is also thankful for candy, Pixar, and his brother Max.  Max would like for everyone to know that he too is thankful for candy, and also for butterflies.

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Faith said...

Has anyone told you lately what a wonderful blogger you are?! Thank you so much for sharing about your life, here in this space. LOVE how clearly he's written dessert!! So adorable.

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