Baby Love

I know that I don't deserve it.  I've never done anything that makes me worthy.

But he loves me anyway.  Really, really loves me.  Even though I'm not the best Mom in the world.  Regardless of the things that don't get done, in spite of my good intentions that are never followed through.

It's such a gift.  To be the absolute center of some one's world.  To see their face light up when you walk into the room.  Not because I'm organized.  Or that I never loose my temper.  Or that I never say, "Just a minute."  I'm so far from being a perfect mother that the things that I wish I had done differently during the day, the moments I wasted, the things I should have done better...  they keep me up at night.

But Harry loves me just because I'm his Mom.  He is such a gift.

And I am tremendously grateful.

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Lib Perry said...

This blog made me happy today. I am a teacher where my little guy goes to school. So today I was able to sneak into his room at lunchtime and the smile he gave me just made my going terribly wrong day just wonderful. I love, love, love, love, love, having a little boy. :) p.s. they will never remember the laundry that was never done on time or folded for that matter (as is the case always in my house), but they will remember playing superhero, giggling, playing in the dirt, and mommy's 'I love you' more than anything. :) Happy Wednesday!

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