A Delicate Matter

At my husband's urging, I have deleted today's blog post.  Apparently, there is an invisible line...  And I crossed it.  There are certain things parents are just not supposed to put on the internet.  huh.  Who knew?

Apparently, a mother wielding a laptop can be a very dangerous thing.

So, after careful reading, the following statements are what could be salvaged from today's post.


My super power is shooting awesomeness out of my fingertips.

"Don't you dare blog about this!"  said Chris.

What a trial it must be to have me as a mother...  Poor boys.

And this photo.

There you go.

For the rest, you must fill in the blanks and draw your own conclusions.  Please, Gentle Reader.  I beg you to do so in a manner which casts me in the best possible light.  Forgive me for my lack of maternal propriety. I have no internal filter and I lack social skills, as I have very little adult interaction.

This never happened.

Don't tell my boys.

These aren't the droids you're looking for.

1 comment:

Rob and Christine said...

Too funny! I have never had boys, so I've missed out on that. I did read recently that it's not sexual *at all* before puberty, just pleasant, so no need to feel weird about it. Still... pretty funny stuff.

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