Ditching School or I Like Pies

All right.  I've been a blog slacker this week.  I've been busy.  Herding cats.  But I have a good excuse that has kept me from embarrassing my future teenage sons.

Mr. Sickie-ickie.  Don't get worried, he isn't that sick...  Hardly at all.  Just enough.  There are probably kids sitting in his classroom right this very moment who are just as sick, maybe sicker...  Strangely, Lucas seems to be the most sick at the crucial times when he knows I am trying to decide if he is well enough to go to school.  At those moments, he seems to be a very sick boy indeed.  Eyes half closed, lying on the couch, moaning quietly...  Until I tell him that he is going to stay home.  Then he cannot keep the smile from spreading across his face and he skips out of the room to play with his brother.


I'm a sucker.  I can't really blame him.  When I was a kid, I played hookie all the time.  No, seriously.  All the time.  I was "sick" so much it's a wonder I wasn't hospitalized.  But here's the thing...  I got to go and stay at my Grandma's house.  And she made me pies.  A fresh pie every day.  For reals.  Her home made pie crust, with her home made canned pie filling...  Sometimes apple cinnamon.  Sometimes peach or apricot from her trees in her garden...  And she would cut a smiley face out of the top crust.  She could make a pie in her sleep.  I think she did.  And she let me watch PBS all day long.  And read me stories until her voice was hoarse.  Why the heck would I want to go to school??  School is for suckers, my friends.  Just don't tell my kids.

So...  I've been doing my darndness to make staying home from school as unpleasant as I can.

No Angry Birds!  (Well...  I let him watch me play.  But he's too sick to touch the screen.)

No PBS Kids computer games!

Lay down on the couch!

And I'm making him do school work.  That's right.

Oh, yes.  Turkey time, y'all.  May I present to you...  A Turkey.  Because it's November.  His name is Bert.

But no more Sucker Mommy around here!  That kid is going to school next week!  I got stuff to do!!!

 I'm hosting Thanksgiving!  And my bathroom still looks like a crack house!  Back to school you go!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

When I was a kid and stayed home from school I had to stay in bed ALL day! I'm a tad jealous of the pies!

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