Missing Max

My Max...

He's been out of my arms since Monday evening.


We're soul mates, Max and I.

Things just don't feel right around here without him.

There is an eerie quiet...

A strange calm...

Yahhh...  It just ain't right.

Sorry Grandparents,  I need that one back.

I know he's having all kinds of fun not taking naps, having his every pizza whim answered with Grandparent doting, and staying up past his bed time.  But we need him home.

We miss the sauciness.  We miss the silliness.  We miss the loudness.

And the snuggles.  Oh, dear.  The snuggles.

Yahhh...  That's it.  Max.  Come home.


Jennifer said...

I always feel that exact same way when my daughter spends time at her grandparents houses!

Anonymous said...

:) You're too precious Mariah. I'm glad Max is home again. Love, Your Friend, Scott Martinez

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