Thanksgivingpalooza 2011

Wow.  Thanksgiving.  It happened.  It's over.  So that means tomorrow is Christmas.  And next week the boys have swimming lessons.  Then the week after that Lucas graduates from college.

I have to go breathe into a paper bag now.

So ya wanna see some pics from our Thanksgiving part-ay?  Sure you do.

Well...  here's the story.  Chris's mom and dad, and brother and baby sister came to our house.  Then...  approximately 45 minutes into Thanksgiving meal preparation.

I burned my hand.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

My left hand.  "Aw gee."  You say.  "That ain't so bad.  Just yer left hand."

But I'm left handed.

So...  It was a good thing that the house was full of warm bodies who could take orders.  Because I couldn't do anything except feel sorry for myself and hold a plastic baggie full of ice on my paw all day.

Thanksgiving day.  Free pass on cooking, and the clean up?...  Kinda sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

It would be...  but here's the thing.

Nobody can do it quite right...  ya dig?

I might say, "Hey!  Thanks for chopping those onions!" out loud.  But on the inside it sounds more like, Oh good LORD!!  That is not how you chop an onion!  Have you ever even held a knife in your hands before??!!

My mouth says, "Oh, just make it however you would do it at your house!" but really...  There won't be enough salt in that gravy.


That's it!  Thanksgiving's cancelled!  They've overcooked the asparagus!  

And so on and so forth.  I clutched tightly to my little bag-o-ice and pretended to be pleasant while my insides were writhing and dying a loud and painful death.

But it all worked out okay.  And it was actually really fun to have everyone in the kitchen together.

There's my lovely turkey.  She's the only thing I can really take credit for.  And that green tile back splash.  I take credit for that too.  Not really.  Be a pal and send my husband an email and tell him how desperately I need a kitchen remodel, mmm-kay?

The boys did their part by playing Angry Birds on various devices and staying out of the way...   While wearing their pajamas almost all day. Happy Thanksgiving.

And here Baby Sister is reenacting a super inappropriate thing she did earlier...  aaahhh....  It was awesome.

Chris went out in the front yard the night before Thanksgiving (or, Thanksgiving Eve, as I like to call it.) and cut all of these flowers in the dark.  Everything's on it's way out and has been hit with a frost or two, so it was our last chance.  Very Thanksiving-y.

Gasp!  The children are wearing real clothes!  It must be a holiday!

Uncle Jacob...  You rascal.  Thanks for chopping those onions, man.

Then a nice late afternoon after dinner walk around the neighborhood! (And, yes.  In case you were wondering, my child is carrying a bucket filled with blocks, that he pretends are pieces of candy so that he can reenact the trick-or-treating scene from the critically acclaimed film, Garfield's Halloween Special.  Good eye, Gentle Reader.  Good eye.)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving weekend too!  And that you didn't burn your stupid hand.  Or, that if you did, there were people who love you close by to chop the onions.

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Jennifer said...

You sound just like me about other people (including my husband) cooking in my kitchen! They just don't do it right! I hope your hand isn't to bad.

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