100th Post!

Woot to the woot, ya'll.

I just realized that today is my 100th post!

Kinda fun.

But even more fun, and very fitting, as it is my 100th post and all...

Yes.  That's right.  You are looking at a shiny, lavender, unicorn keychain.

With what?

That's right.  With my name on it.

My inner seven year old is leaping for joy.

The package arrived in the mail today without a note...  But I have my suspicions...

It's a great day all the way around.  Harrison is at that perfect age that only lasts for a couple of weeks where they are sitting up all by themselves, but can't crawl around and stick plastic giraffes down the heater vents.  It's the perfect age.


Guess who's here?

That's right.

My cousin from Colorado, Naomi.

I revert to my 5 year old self when she is around and start standing on my head and shooting milk out my nose to make her laugh.

Good times.


Lovely Victoria is here too.

But she is 14 and doesn't get quite as big kick out of my milk out the nose routine and my choreographed dances to NKOTB.  She'll be here a week.  I'm betting she'll come around.  No one can resist when I sing Winger...

1 comment:

April Irvin said...

I can't believe your already 100. You don't look a day over 29! Now if someone would just send ya a beautiful purple pair of boots then your life would be complete! Keep up the groovy blogging my flatbutt bloggy friend who I shall call Suzan! (The problems is that I think I am so funny that I can't stop!)

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