Lion King Lucas

For the most part, my little Lucas is a miniature of his Daddy.

He looks just like him.  (I don't mind.)

They share a lot of personality traits.  (Sometimes I mind.)

Generally, it is Max who is the most like me.  He's sassy.  He's silly.  He's spunky.

He has no hiney.  Seriously.

The kid can't hold up a pair of pants.

(Sadly, he gets this from me.  It's a sad condition my cousins and I refer to as The Barlow Flatback.  Thighs?  check.  Lovehandles?  check.  But an arse that looks rockin' in a pair of jeans?  Sadly, no.)

But I digress.

Lucas is more like his Daddy.


Big but.

(snicker snicker...  I just said big butt.)

When I was in the first or second grade, I frequently changed my name.  Life was hard for a girl named Mariah those days.  I could never, ever find my name on a keychain.  Never, ever.  All I ever wanted was a unicorn keychain with my name on it...

But I digress.

I often went by Katie.  Penny.  But my favorite was Susan.


Yes, Susan.

I think because of The Parent Trap with Haley Mills...  Man, I loved that movie.

My cousin Jasmine and I would play it for hours...

My mother had to tell my teachers in elementary school that if homework was handed in with a name they didn't recognize...  it was probably me.

But again, I digress.

Apparently, my firstborn has inherited my name changingness.  (is that a word?  well, it is now.)

This is how Lucas signs all of his work at school.


That says Lion King Lucas.

Lion King Lucas is how he signs everything.

I blame myself.

Or congratulate myself...  it all depends on how I look at it.


Cupcakes and Dirt said...

My dear friend Susan Fisher always says that there is not enough Suzans in the world and why don't people name their kids Suzan anymore! I think it is a great name. As is Lion King Lucas! When I meet him I shall call him that and you my bloggy friend will be Suzan! Flatbutt Suzan on a really special day. You can call me fatbutt if ya like, we will even things out.

LDaylily said...

I loved the original parent trap too! Of course I saw it in the theatre when it was new. There were never any keychains with my name on them either! Maybe you really are MY daughter! Love that little Lion!

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